17th August 2019

Frightmare Trail FAQ’s

Do I need a ticket for this Trail?

Yes, this is a ticketed event. Tickets will be available to purchase through our website, and at three of the local Co-ops; Bolton Bridge, Ilkley, Brook Street, Ilkley & Main Street, Addingham. You may also be able to purchase tickets on the gate

How much is it to attend this Trail?

Tickets are £5, this is a donation which goes into the running costs of both our Trails, and all the profits are donated to our three beneficiaries: LS29, Addingham Scouts & ASE Kandersteg.

Who can attend this Trail?

The Frightmare Trail is aimed at anyone aged 13 and above, although this is just a recommendation and parental discretion is advised. Under 13’s MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 at all times. This Trail is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, epilepsy, claustrophobia, asthmatic or those who are scared of things that go bump in the night. It is an outdoor attraction and will include walking outdoors on uneven surfaces through woodland which, dependant on the weather, may be wet or muddy. 

Am I allowed to bring my dog(s)?

No. Due to the nature of the event, we have very loud and sudden sound effects, with live jumping out and maybe grabbing you..! These are not only an unsuitable conditions for dogs, it could also compromise the safety our team if any animal were to react badly and attack. Therefore, we have a strict policy against bringing dogs to this Trail, and you will be refused entry if you arrive with one.

How long is the Trail?

The Frightmare Trail is approximately 2km, and takes roughly 45 minutes to go round, though that will depend how quickly you walk! Be careful not to run away too fast…it only gets the un-dead more excited!!

Can we have to book a time slot?

No, once you have your ticket you can attend the Trail any time after the gates open at 6.30pm. We are usually busiest within the first hour and a half so you may have to queue longer if you come during this time. Last entry is at 9.30pm.

What will I experience?

As a victim…sorry…guest of the Frightmare Trail, you may be subjected to disorienting and distracting sounds, lights, strobe lights, lasers, fog & smoke, scent, wind, water, heat, and other theatrical special effects. You may be required to bend, crouch and walk through segments of the haunted attraction; sometimes over uneven, or unstable flooring (don’t forget, it’s in the woods!). Several parts of the attraction are designed to move you. You will interact with the characters of the attractions. At times, you will be in and move through very dark, almost pitch black spaces. And mostly, you’ll have a hell of a lot of horrific fun!

What if I am genuinely too scared?

If at any point you find the horror too much, all you have to do is notify the nearest steward and you will be escorted back to the public area.

How many of us can go round together?

You will be divided into groups of approx 12 (or fewer during quieter periods). The scares and scenes are designed to be effective for any group size; groups larger than 12 will only be admitted at the discretion of the event organisor. There are many places too where there is a maximum that will fit in the area. So, while we would be more than happy to terrify all of your friends as one big group, we limit group sizes to approx 12 people and we ask that you stay together as such throughout the Trail — after all, we don’t any of you getting lost…or do we..?

Can I bring a torch with me?

We have no rules against taking torches with you but it may ruin the effect of some scenes that are designed to be dark and scary! The sets are purposely designed to keep you safe, so there will be lighting in the areas that need it.

Can I have/bring/drink alcohol?

No, if you arrive intoxicated, you will be turned away for your own safety and the safety of our team.

Can I volunteer for/be a part of next years’ event?

Yes! As the profits from this event are entirely donated to our beneficiaries, we rely on volunteers to keep it running year after year. We have many different roles that need to be filled, from Scare actors, Stewards & Set-up team to Make-up artists & Marketing. Whatever your skills are, send us an email at ilkleyscaretrail@gmail.com and we’d love to you to involved.